900cc Implants

900cc Implants - Large breast implants

Breast implants are medical devices that are implanted either under breast tissue or under the chest muscle for breast augmentation or reconstruction. There are two major types: saline filled and silicone gel filled.

900cc Implants - Noticeable breast size increase is the reason women choose 900cc breast implants and 800cc breast implants. This kind of extreme breast augmentation definetely will avoid the regret of going too small.

Large Breasts Implants

900cc Implants
- Disadvantages of very large breast implants:

  • they have higher incidence of drooping or bottoming out

  • they have higher incidence of compression atrophy

  • they have higher incidence of rupture

  • they have higher incidence of rippling

  • they have increased risk of loss of cleavage

  • they have increased risk of back pain

  • they will limit your participation in exercise or physical fitiness

  • they have higher incidence of capsular contracture (occurs when this capsule squeezes on the implant, causing the breast to harden)

  • they may limit your freedom of movement

  • they may be obtrusive

900cc Implants - Specialist Required

Your doctor will need to make sure that your tissues can support 900cc breast implants or 800cc breast implants. This is a real issue, especially if you are of small frame.

If you are considering very large breast implants and in particular 900cc breast implants or 800cc breast implants make sure you select a breast augmentation surgeon experienced with this size of implants. Be sure to ask for references. The price will be higher because not all doctors perform this type of cosmetic surgery.

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