Global Warming Farce

Global Warming Farce

Global Warming Farce Presented by our "Liar and Chief

Socialist Rulers

Our socialist rulers prepare to cripple the economy and intrude in every aspect of our lives in the name of the global warming farce, and the mainstream media's relentless barrage of alarmist propaganda continues, less than 35% are dim-witted and/or gullible enough to think human activity is making it be too warm out. From Rasmussen:

Global Warming Farce only 34% dimwits now believe

Only 34% now believe global warming is caused by human activity, the lowest finding yet in Rasmussen Reports national surveying. Even among Kool Aid guzzling, anti-industry Democrats, only 51% still think manmade global warming is real, even though their tin messiah "has made global warming a priority for his administration." Others have figured out that they're being lied to. Less than half of Americans think Comrade Obama really believes in global warming, despite this:

Global Warming Farce - Ultimate Power Grab

The Liar and Chief's (aka - Tin Messiah) administration declared Friday that carbon dioxide and five other industrial emissions threaten the planet. The landmark decision lays the groundwork for federal efforts to cap carbon emissions — at a potential cost of billions of dollars to businesses and government.

Global Warming Farce - EPA's own Data

The Environmental Protection Agency finding that the emissions endanger "the health and welfare of current and future generations" is "the first formal recognition by the U.S. government of the threats posed by climate change," EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson wrote in a memo to her staff. This means that anything that generates harmless CO2 — i.e., all human activity — will be subject to regulation by the EPA's environazi bureaucrats, on the grounds that 1 in 3 voters is sufficiently simple-minded to keep swallowing the global warming farce.

Global Warming Farce - $40,000 Golf Cart

The impact of the EPA finding could be dramatic. Using the Clean Air Act, the EPA could raise fuel-efficiency standards for automobiles, such as by authorizing nationwide adoption of California's rules for greenhouse-gas tailpipe emissions (major contribution to California's insolvency, along with the ban on offshore drilling). That could require auto makers to produce more hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid under development by General Motors Corp. The Volt, however, is expected to carry a sticker of about $40,000, or roughly twice the price of a conventional Chevrolet Malibu sedan. Not to worry, if Government Motors loses money building $40,000 golf carts that only Ed Begley would be caught dead in, the taxpayer can just bail them out.

In electric power, the EPA could force new power plants to include emissions-reduction technology, although it is unclear whether emerging technologies to capture carbon-dioxide emissions would be feasible.

The EPA could order older power plants to be retrofitted, such as with more-efficient boilers, and it could mandate more reliance on wind and other renewable energy if coal-fired power plants can't be made to run more cleanly. That could present technological and infrastructure challenges.

Poverty and Totalitarianism

Poverty and totalitarianism are being imposed in the name of a myth that has already outlived itself. They may as well declare martial law and the abolition of property rights on orders from ourLiar and Chief.


Global Warming Farce