Breast Augmentation Checklist

Breast Augmentation Checklist

Breast Augmentation Checklist - Questions
  • Find out what your Doctors' credentials are along with their experience performing breast augmentation surgery.

  • Ask how many Bas your surgeon did last year and if there were any complaints.

  • Is your surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

  • Ask your surgeon if they ever had their malpractice insurance coverage denied, revoked or suspended for any reason.

  • Find out the bottom line for surgery, complications, and follow-ups:

  • How much is the surgery and does that include your surgeons fee, implants,anesthesia, hospital charges and follow up visits. Also you'll want to know that if in the event your surgery takes longer than expected will there be additional cost involved .

  • Ask your Doctor what your recourse would be if for some reason you are not satisfied with your surgery, or there are complications. And in the event that a second procedure is needed, does the original cost cover the additional expense?

  • When is payment scheduled and what is the office refund policy?

  • If doctor charged consultation fee, can it be deducted from the cost of your surgery? if you wait longer than 30 minutes, ask the doctor to waive the consultation fee.

  • Where will the procedure be performed and If at a hospital, at which ones can you perform the surgery? Request a tour of the facility If at a surgical suite, is the office accredited for surgery and by which organization? (AAAASF, AAAHC, OR JCAHO) contact American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASPRS) to find out about the suite 800-635-0635.

Additional questions for Breast Augmentation Checklist

Breast Augmentation Checklist
  • Estimatimation of recovery time?

  • Will there be scars?

  • Who will be assisting the doctor during the surgery and what are their qualifications?

  • Does the plastic surgeon perform the entire surgery?

  • What type of anesthesia will be used, and who will administer it?

  • What are their qualifications?

  • How are emergencies handled if problems occur?

  • How soon can surgery be scheduled?

  • Do you use the Mladick No Touch Technique? (implants are moved directly from a sealed package to antibiotic liquid. Pockets are made for implants and then the surgeon changes gloves, coats the gloves and instruments with antibiotic liquid. Pockets are washed out with antibiotic solution. Surgeon then puts the implants into the pocket, touching it only with gloves and instruments covered with antibiotic solution. Neither air not skin bacteria are allowed to touch the implants.) I’ve read that it greatly reduces infection and capsular contraction risks. If not, why?

Breast Augmentation Checklist

Pre-op instructions

  • Do you use drains – if so, why? If not, why?

  • What’s the difference between the implants you use and those from Dow that everyone claims to have gotten sick from (other than the silicone inside)?

  • Does the FDA approve the implant the doctor will be using?

  • What procedure is the doctor recommending and why? (Discuss different incision types, location of the implant, type of implant, and whether the doctor recommends a breast lift in addition to augmentation.)

  • Is there a warranty on the implants?

  • What is the warranty on the implants themselves? Will my surgery be covered given the methods you will be using?

  • What are the guidelines and recommendations for selecting the implant breast size?

  • Can you achieve my size goal? If not please explain to me why not.

  • How long will it take the implants to soften and settle?

  • How will the breast implants affect the way my routine mammograms are performed?

  • The surgeon should explain the risks and side effects associated with the procedure and how common including less improvement than expected occurs.

  • Will you be able to breast feed after breast implants?

  • Will my medications interact with anything I will need to take before, during, and after surgery.

  • What kind of pain medication will I be given to take at home?

  • How can I expect to feel after waking? What should I expect post-operatively, in terms of soreness, what to watch for, bathing, and level of activity?

  • What will I need to buy for recovery?

  • How long before I can go back to work?

  • Will the doctor provide references of patients who have had the same procedure? (The doctor should have a list of references available.)

  • Will the doctor provide before/after photographs of breast augmentations he/she has performed?

  • Call your Insurance Company and ask what their policy is on Breast Augmentations. Most likely they will not cover the surgery itself, some insurance companies may discontinue your policy completely. Also, ask what their policy is on complications that may result from Breast Augmentation.

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